Karst and Cave Science

  = background information to the subjects under construction

documentation of karst phenomena and caves
investigation, surveying (direction, declination, length), mapping (computer applications, terrain model) and photo documentation of air and water filled cavities

geology, geography
basic data acquisition of caves and karst areas (measurements, documentation of rocks, tectonics etc.)

karst morphology
data acquisition about the genesis and development of karst forms/structures

data acquisition about the genesis and development of caves

monitoring, colouring, physical and chemical measurements (long-term and short-term)

cave diving
basic data acquisition in karst springs, water filled cavities and under water constructions, wells and water supply facilities, data acquisition of under water fauna and flora, geohydrological data by use of data loggers etc., microbiological research, challenging dives with low visibility, rescue

biology (biospeleology)
basic data acquisition in caves and artificial cavities for the EU Habitats Directive, data acquisition of species, microbiological research, research in springs and ground water

environmental protection
consultative assistance on technical and administrative aspects of cave and karst object protection, protection concepts for species living or hibernating in caves, care and protection concepts for existing and new geotops (rock formations, sinkholes, karst springs etc.); guidance on the development of tourism concepts, information and brochures

karst and cave catalogue
collection of all known data on a particular object (doline, cave etc.) including literature, information about status of exploration

research work focused on any specific aspect or with a particular emphasis, analysis of papers and documents, supply of copies of documents, research at various institutes and archives, supply of VdHK archive for research, collection, conservation and presentation of documents, editing of VdHK and external documents

detailed records of climate data from caves with installed data loggers and collection of climate data from cave ice and speleothems

in close contact with universities and administrations: protection and documentation of cave inventories related to the cultural history of mankind

in close contact with universities and administrations: collection, protection and documentation of organic remains found in sedimentary rocks and any other evidence of any kind of prehistoric life form

computer science
development of special programs for the documentation of survey data and 3D modelling

cave rescue
training for cavers, expertise on caving equipment, assistance in the development of safety concepts